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2.1 16W system with FM / USB / Bluetooth and remote control

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It consists of a subwoofer and two speakers. Compatible with TV, MP3 player, personal computer, laptop and other portable devices. The subwoofer allows you to reproduce low frequency sounds.

Material: MDF, plastic
Frequency range (Hz): 35-20000
Signal / noise ratio: 62dB
Po total output power (W): 16
Power supply: 220V
LCD display: Yes
Integrated MP3 player: Yes ¬
FM tuner: Yes
3.5 mm jack connector
Bluetooth: Yes
< span title = "Г Ð ° Ð ± Ð ° Ñ € Ð¸Ñ‚Ñ ‹: 17.5x22.5x30"> Speaker dimensions: 117x83x80mm
Subwoofer dimensions: 190x155x140mm


Crown Micro

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