Radiomicrofono doppio UHF professionale

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*Wide UHF 749-790MHz frequency, 200 selectable channels
*Flexible, simple and convenient to operate
*Advanced digital PLL to ensure the unit in high stability and wide frequency response
*LCD display screen
*MCU intelligent control enhances the system status, analyses signals and blocks noises to make the sound perfect 
*Dual sound effect compress and expand function offer higher S/N ratio and larger dynamic range
*Multiple squelch control circuit helps to get rid of the external interference
*Unique design, powerful dynamic and wide frequency response are the perfect choice for KTV, live performance and other occasions

System Specification

Frequency Range: UHF 749-790MHz
Modulation: PLL
Adjustable Range: 50MHz
Channel: 2x100
Frequency Interval: 250KHz
Frequency Stability: within ±0.005%
Dynamic Range: 100dB
Maximum Frequency Deviation: ±45KHz
Frequency Response: 80Hz-180KHz ±3dB
S/N: >105dB
T.H.D: ≦0.5%

Receiver Specification

Receiver Mode: Double Conversion Superheterodyne
Intermediate Frequency: First: 110MHz, Second: 10.7MHz
Wireless Interface:BNC/50WΩ
Sensitivity: 12dBμV(80dBS/N)
Sensitivity Adjustable range: 12-32dBμV
Spur Suppression: ≧75dB
Maximum Output Level: +10dBV

Transmitter Specification
Antenna Mode: Backpack transmitter equips with 1/4 wave whip antenna, handheld microphone equips with built-in helical antenna
Output Power: High: 30mW, Low: 3mW
Spur Suppression: -60dB
Power Supply: 2x1.5V AA battery
Battery Life: less than 10 hours (30mW), less than 15 hours (2mW)