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STM-2300 2 CH / MP3 mixer

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The STM-2300 is a mixer with USB port that allows direct connection of USB keys to play mp3 files. 
I 2 channels can be switched between line / phone inputs and motitor and master outputs.

Each channel it has a 3-band equalizer and the sound quality and dynamics guarantee the positioning of the mixer among the best in its class. 
The channel Microphone has a 2-band equalizer and level control. 
Possess crossfader , phono-monitor switch for assigning the output. 

⠀ ¢ 2-channel mixer
⠀ ¢ USB port with MP3 control and display
⠀ ¢ 3-band equalizer on each channel separately
⠀ ¢ mophone with 2-band equalizer
⠀ ¢ dialer of input between line and phono
⠀ ¢ Headphone and monitor volume. 
⠀ ¢ Amplifier output and REC

Additional information . 
Frequency response 50Hz - 20kHz
THD & lt ; 0
Equalizer 3 -Band
Input: Line 150mV
Input: 3mV Phono
Input: Mic 1mV
Signal to noise ratio> 80dB
Power adapter 12Vac  Â

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