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Bbq Collection 16 Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Case

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Bbq Collection 16 stainless steel Bbq collection toolbox

Set from barbecue in stainless steel composed of perfect and indispensable utensils for your barbecue.
All the utensils are in fact equipped with handles in athermic wood, so as to avoid burns.
Amaze friends and relatives with this comfortable and practical aluminum case, useful for travel and traveling.
The ideal solution for your barbecue!

Composition of the set

  • 1 x large paddle 45cm
  • 1 x 45cm serving fork
  • 1 x 45cm pliers
  • < span style = "font-size: 14pt;"> 1 x knife 45cm
  • 6 x forks 20cm
  • 6 x knives 20cm




  • EAN: Â 8711252455358 < / li>
  • Brand: Â Bbq Collection < / span>
  • Total weight: Â < span class = "value"> about 2,175 KG
  • Tool material: Stainless steel < / span>
  • Case material: Impact-resistant rigid aluminum
  • Tools with athermic wood handles
  • Case size: 48.5 x 22.5 x 85 cm



Bbq Collection

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