Smart Wi-Fi wall switch | Curtains, shutters and awnings controller

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Open and close electric blinds, shutters and awnings from your smartphone, tablet or any home voice control device, like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. This smart curtain remote control can also be set to operate when other Nedis® SmartLife devices are turned on and off, so, for example, to close the curtains when a light is turned on.

Simplified configuration
The remote control for smart curtains is simple to set up, as it connects wirelessly to the Wi-Fi router and requires no separate hub. 

The glass front, elegant and easy to clean, integrates with the interior: yet, this discreet unit is powerful enough to support systems up to 300 W.

Programming and pairing
The app that manages this smart curtain remote control allows you to set the times for the curtains (ideal option for everyday life and excellent safety function if you stay away from home for a a certain period of time) and to combine them with other products to create your connected Smart Home system. 

Information on Nedis® SmartLife
Discover a wide range of continuously expanding products, such as light bulbs, switches, sockets, sensors and video cameras, which can be controlled through an intuitive and easy app to use. With voice control features supported by Amazon Alexa and Google Home and nothing but your existing Wi-Fi network, building your connected Smart Home system will be very simple.
Regardless of your needs, whether you are at looking for an outlet or a smart light bulb whether you want to automate your entire home, find out how smart technology is accessible today

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