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All Ride charger and trainer for cars / motorbikes / boats / trucks

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Charge maintainer, small appliance that extends the life to the batteries and avoid unpleasant surprises to those who take the car and / or the bike after a long period of rest, for example after the summer holidays.
Ideal for checking the status of the battery and if necessary recharging it properly if possible.
Ideal for car batteries, motorcycles , scooters, campers and boats.
Complete with connecting terminal board on the battery and power cable to be connected to the 220V household socket.

Technical Characteristics

  • EAN Â 8711252487373
  • Trademark  All Ride
  • Dimensions  40 x 50 x 135 mm < / span>
  • Weight  about 0.416 KG
  • ABS structure that makes the product completely sealed and waterproof
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • < li> Spark, short circuit, polarity reversal protection
  • Temperature and voltage compensation
  • Microprocessor with 5 charging modes
  • Universal for cars and motorcycles with lead batteries and gel
  • 12V 1A or 6V 0.55A
  • IP65
  • Red / Black terminal block for battery
  • Domestic power cable



All Ride

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