Generatore di segnale 10Hz-1MHz - MAG-203D

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Generatore di segnale in grado di produrre una frequenza da 10Hz a 1MHz.

-Advanced circuit design with imported components ensure minimum accuracy deviation.
- Signal frequency: 10Hz~1MHz, ±3%
-Wave form:sine and square≤0.5
-Intensity of output signal: ≥10Vp-p
-60dB accurate attenuate in 6 steps


Model MAG-203D
Oscillation frequency X1 range: 10Hz to 100Hz,
X10 range: 100Hz to1kHz, 
X100 range: 1kHz to 10kHz, 
X1k range: 10kHz to 100kHz 
X10k range: 100kHz to 1MHz
Frequency accuracy ±(3%+1 Hz)
Output impedance Approx.600Ω
Output attenuator 0bB, 10bB, 20bB, 30bB, 40bB, 50bB, (6 levels selectable) (Accuracy at 600Ω load: ±1bB)
Sine Wave Characteristics  
Output voltage(at 600Ω load) ≥5Vrms
Frequency response 10Hzto1MHz±0.5bB
Distortion 400Hz to 20kHz 0.1% or less 
100Hz to 100kHz 0.3% or less 
(100Hz: X10 range) 
50Hz to 200kHz 0.5% or less 
20Hz to 500kHz 1% of less 
10Hz to1MHz 1.5% (Typical)
Square Wave Characteristics  
Output voltage(at 600Ω load) ≥10VP-P
Rise/fall time ≥200ns (at maximum output)
Duty ratio 45:55(at 1kHz,maximum output)
External Sync Characteristics  
Sync range ±1%Vrms
Maximum input voltage 15V(DC+ACpeak)
Input impedance Approx.100kn
Operation 10 to 35C/85%RH or less
Storage 0 to 40C /85% RH or less
  Indoor Use Only
Altitude up to 2000m
Power Source
Power voltage/frequency 110/220VAC±10%,50/60Hz
Power consumption Max. 10.BW
Casing 128(W) X190 (H) X239 (D) mm
Max. 128(W) X210 (H) X262 (D) mm
Weight Approx.2.9kg
Accessories Output signal cable (CA48P): 1 
Power Cord:               1 
Instruction manual:         1 
Replacement fuse:         1