Transceiver | Range 5 km | 8 Channels | VOX | 2 Units | Black

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Stay connected with this lightweight and compact Nedis® transceiver. Even in remote locations that do not always have a strong mobile network, this transceiver has a reliable communication range of 5 kilometers. Really comfortable if you go hiking, camping or any other indoor and outdoor adventure.
With 8 channels and 38 CTTS codes (subchannels) each, it will be very difficult for someone to be connected on the same channel as you. This avoids interference and your conversations will remain private. 
The transceiver has VOX (Voice Activated Transmit) technology. As soon as you start talking, the transceiver turns on automatically and is therefore perfect for hands-free use. Equipped with integrated LED light in case an additional light source is needed.

EAN: 5412810309719



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