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Coaxial Cable On Reel 250 m

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This is A / LSNH Dca-Classified (s1, d1, a1) with a 58% screen interface.
Also has UV protection and limited moisture protection.

- Eca (PVC) cables can be used for installation in buildings less than 200 sq.m., as well as in other buildings where there is a sprinkler system (but no escape routes).
- Dca (LSNH) cables can be used in all buildings, including routes in sprinkler systems.

Macab's triple-shielded cables first have a foil, glued to dielectric. This film shields strongly against high frequencies. On top of the foil is an aluminum braid with at least 58% coverage. This mainly shields the low frequencies. Finally, another aluminum foil lies against the outer sheath of the cable. The glued foil prevents the screen from being pushed back and simplifies the connection. The screen attenuation is 85 dB across the entire spectrum of spectrum.

- Covered by the latest IEC50575 standard.
- Copper gives lower resistance than the cheaper copper wire.
- Gas-injected foam gives longer life and lower damping.
- Laminated foil provides better screen capabilities, especially at high frequencies.
- Easier mounting of contacts.
- Overlapped foil provides even better screen damping and an extra moisture barrier.
- PVC, PE or halogen free mantle depending on installation environment.
- Better noise protection on return
- Low loop resistance. < br />

EAN: 8424450187708



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