Coax cable male - female 1.00 m black

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Interconnessione per antenna con conduttori UPCS OCC® con schermatura ultraelevata per segnali audio e video perfetti e IAT® di 2a generazione per eliminare le interferenze.
&bull: Ultra Pure Crystal Silvered Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting conductors, for ultimate signal transmission
&bull: Solid core conductor alignment for precise 75 Ohm compliancy
&bull: Quad shielding to protect against external RF interference
&bull: Dual 2nd generation Interference Absorption Technology ferrite cores to eliminate electromagnetic interference and guarantee distortion free picture and sound
&bull: Die cast metal alloyed connectors with polished chrome shielding to ensure long connectivity without signal influence or loss
&bull: Cold welded solder-free contacts for ultimate signal connectivity between cable and plug
&bull: 24k gold plated brass contacts for ultimate protection against corrosion
&bull: Ultra high screening (greater than 110dB) for optimized HD experience from any setup box or sat-receiver
&bull: Braided exterior nylon protection against ultraviolet light affects and guarantees a lifetime reliability.

EAN: 8717587029653