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Vertical TV wall support | 29-55 "| Max 20 kg | 345 mm vertical range

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With this ultra-adjustable vertical wall mount for TV, you can be sure of having the perfect viewing angle from anywhere in the room.
Suitable for most flat or curved TV screens (29 "to 55") ) and strong enough to support TVs up to 20 kg, this incredibly easy-to-adjust TV wall mount offers all the flexibility needed to reduce the glare on the screen and position the TV in the right place.
Its vertical design allows to easily position the TV at the perfect height, with the possibility of moving the luminaire 345 mm to find the ideal position. Furthermore, it is possible to change the distance from the wall between 69 mm and 360 mm, tilt the screen forward between 0Â ° and -10Â ° to minimize glare, rotate the screen 180Â ° complete to get the viewing angle optimal and rotate the TV from + 3Â ° to -3Â ° to align the screen according to the lighting conditions.
You will be able to control 100% of this vertical TV wall mount, which offers more choice than Netflix!

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