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High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet 1.0m - HDMI Connector

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High speed HDMI cable with Ethernet - HDMI connector - HDMI 1.0 m connector - Black

Connect your Blu-ray player to an LCD or plasma TV for a Full HD experience.ÿThis High Speed HDMI Cable supports 1080p video resolutions.



 Gold-plated contacts for extraordinary image quality
 Full HD resolution for highly defined and realistic images

Package contents 

1x High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet

Product specification 

  • Connection A: HDMI connector
  • Connection B: HDMI connector
  • Cable type: High Speed HDMI with Ethernet
  • Color: Black
  • Packaging: Bulk products
  • Outer material: PVC
  • Connector design - side A: Straight
  • Length: 1.0 m
  • Maximum resolution: 1920x1080
  • Hollow design: Round
  • Conductor material: CCS
  • Connector design - side B: Straight 
  • EAN code: 5412810295081
  • Supplier code: CVGT34001BK10