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Desoldering braids 2.54 mm x 1.5 m

30 pezzi
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Desoldering braids 2.54 mm x 1.5 m

Product description

CHEM-WIK is an advanced ultra-thin desoldering wick , which also responds faster than all other wicking absorbent wicks. Its construction in the interweaving of thinner pure copper wires allows a better thermal conductivity, even at low temperatures. With the CHEM-WIK, the risk of overheating of components and circuits that are critically sensitive to heat is minimized, because it requires less heat and for a shorter time. The CHEM-WIK also requires less "contact" pressure, allowing for better operator comfort.

General information

⠀ ¢ Color: blue

⠀ ¢ Width: 2.54 mm

⠀ ¢ Length: 1.50 m

EAN: 5412810196265