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Sensors and detectors

85dB battery powered fire alarm Smoke detector for greater safety in home or business environments. The detector immediately activates an internal...
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Price 11,67 10,50 9,92 9,34
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Nedis, DTCTSL30WT, 5412810269204
Round 85dB battery powered fire alarm This Nedis smoke detector guarantees maximum protection for your home or office by alerting you as soon as a...
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Nedis, DTCTSL40WT, 5412810269211
85dB battery powered fire alarm The compact Nedis smoke detector is ideal for those who want the safety and security of an early warning system...
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Kanlux, IP20, 220-240V, 2000VA, 23452, 10s-15m, PIR motion sensor, 5905339234520
PIR motion sensor ZONA FLAT-W Kanlux Kanlux ZONA FLAT is the motion sensor with a maximum motion detection range of 8m. On the other hand, its...
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Price 12,42 11,18 10,56 9,94
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Kanlux, White, IP20, 220-240V, 1200VA, 8820, 5s-12m, PIR motion sensor, 5905339088208
Motion sensor MW ROLF JQ Kanlux Kanlux ROLF JQ is a microwave motion sensor. Its horizontal operating angle is 360 degrees. Both the lighting time and...
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Price 14,37 12,93 12,21 11,50
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Grundig, 8711252068923
Kit 2 Sensori Movimento PIR + 2 Telecomandi Grundig
Out of stock

Kanlux, White, IP44, Wall, 220-240V, 1200VA, 460, 8s-7m, PIR motion sensor, 5905339004604
White PIR motion sensor ALER JQ-30-W Kanlux Kanlux ALER JQ is the motion sensor with a maximum motion detection range of 12 meters. It is possible...
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Nedis, PIRPI31WT, 5412810310609
Motion Detector 3 Wire Installation adjustable settings The infrared motion sensor Nedis© prevents the light from turning on inadvertently...
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External magnetic contact with screw terminals. ABS case, fixing with screws included. Dimensions: 65x12x20mm Holes distance: 50mm...
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Magnetic contact for flush-mounted alarms the contact is normally closed and perfect for installation on doors and windows. Material: ABS...
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Sensore PIR wireless per centrale GSM alarm R105
173 pezzi

Sensore movimento PIR solare con sistema sonoro e flash LED
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Dual detector Digital PIR Technology and microwave sensor PET IMMUNE 25Kg . Function AND / OR, sensitivity adjustment of the PIR and the microwave...
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Kanlux, White, IP44, 220-240V, 800VA, 2350, 10s-15m, PIR motion sensor, 5905339234506
PIR motion sensor ALER MINI-W white Kanlux ALER MINI-W is a small infrared sensor with an impressive and minimalist look. The sensor works with the...
Out of stock

Kanlux, White, IP20, Wall, 220-240V, 1200VA, 7960, 10s-7m, PIR motion sensor, 5905339076908
PIR MERGE JQ Kanlux motion sensor Kanlux MERGE JQ Is the motion sensor with a maximum motion detection range of 5 meters. Its horizontal operating...
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Kanlux, White, Square, IP20, Built-in, 220-240V, 1200VA, 23453, 10s-12m, PIR motion sensor, 5905339234537
Motion sensor MW MERGE white Kanlux The Kanlux MERGE MW sensor is an aesthetic and functional solution. The maximum motion detection range is 9...
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Kanlux, White, 500VA, IP20, 8910, 10s-7m, 5905339089106
PIR motion sensor MARID JQ white Kanlux Kanlux MARID JQ is the motion sensor with a maximum motion detection range of 12 meters. It is possible to...
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Kanlux, Black, IP44, Plastic, Wall, 220-240V, 1200VA, 461, 8s-7m, PIR motion sensor, 5905339004611
PIR motion sensor ALER JQ-30-B Kanlux Kanlux ALER JQ is the motion sensor with a maximum motion detection range of 12 meters. It is possible to...
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Nedis, PIROO21WT, 5412810310562
Outdoor motion detector 3-wire time and ambient light settings This Nedis® infrared motion sensor with a compact design prevents the light from...
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Price 9,96 7,97 7,47 6,97
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Two-beam infrared barrier with range up to 100 meters. It has an LED that indicates beam alignment, an anti-tamper switch and automatic gain control in any...
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Lampada di sicurezza con sensore di movimento Safe Alarm
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External magnetic contact in ABS - White Magnetic contact from outside. Container in ABS, fixing with double-sided tape or with screws included ....
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Minimum quantity for "External magnetic contact in ABS - White" is 1.

Grundig, 8711252072173
Rilevatore di monossido di carbonio Grundig
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Detector with dual PIR sensor and PET Immunity - HX-100 Detector with double digital PIR sensor and PET IMMUNE 25Kg. This wired detector...
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