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Double PIR outdoor volumetric sensor

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Pir Volumetric Outdoor thread with double sensor HX-1000. Â
The infrared outdoor detector with Dual technology works on the basis of the spectrum response of the human body.

The device uses special lenses and adopts advanced signal analysis systems.


It is resistant water-based and can be used outdoors, it can be suitable for banks, homes, commercial shops etc.
Function: PET Immunity for animals under 20Kg.

1: LedÂ
2: Infrared sensor with double pyroelectric element
3: Function switch (1: Relay Normally Closed / Normally Open, 2: Impulse counter, 3: Led on-off)
4: Infrared sensor with double pyroelectric element
5: Anti-tamper switch


 Excellent Design, made of white ABS material
Led that indicates when movement is detected
2 Anti-burglary tamper inside and back

Universal sensor adaptable to all types of control panels that support wired sensors.


Technical specifications: Â
Model: HX-1000Â
Signal transmission: wire
Power supply: 12V via cable
Color: White
Tamper : 2 Internal Tampers
Led. Present
Dimensions: 157 x 70 x 42 mm.

Contents: Â
N. 1 Volumetric Pir
No. 1 Bracket for wall application

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