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Gray "umbrella" barber collar

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Gray "umbrella" barber collar

The collar hair salon is designed with waterproof material that can be cleaned easily, the material does not let moisture through, so we don't have to worry about customers' clothes getting wet when spraying. 
The product has been designed so that the cut hair stays in the collar without falling to the floor. This will save time, you won't have to pick your hair from under the chair every time, just throw it out the collar. 
The collar has an adjustable closure, so we can adapt it to the customer. We can use it both in a professional hairdressing salon and during a haircut at home. 
It is also a great solution for children who are very often afraid to go to the hairdresser, wearing a long cape makes them unable to move and feel uncomfortable.

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  • Brand: Iso Trade
  • EAN: 5900779932104
  • Vendor code: 00007714


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