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Leg Pillow - Ergonomic memory foam pillow

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Leg Pillow - Ergonomic memory foam pillow

Leg Pillow is the memory pillow for legs with ergonomic design to maintain correct posture in the legs, hips and spine. Correct alignment will facilitate blood circulation during sleep and prevent pain.
The right method to relieve pain in the back, hips, knees, ankles and pelvic area. Place the pillow between your legs or under your knees to maintain a correct sleeping position. Knee support, nerve pressure relief and better blood circulation.

4 reasons to choose Leg Pillow

Do you have back, shoulder and neck pain?

With Leg Pillow the spine will remain straight, maintaining the correct postural position, reducing pain and ensuring a sweet rest.

Do you spend the night finding the right position?

Leg Pillow will make you sleep peacefully in the best position for you, adapting completely to your body thanks to the special memory foam material

Do your knees rub at night and hurt in the morning?

By placing the Leg Pillow between the knees, you reduce the stress of the joints and perfectly realign the posture of the spine in the lumbar area.

Do you wake up with sore thighs because they are sticking together and sweating?

Leg Pillow prevents the rubbing effect and will make you rest in total freshness and comfort, without any redness in delicate parts.

Measures: 27x24x12.8cm
Weight: 320g

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