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Professional lithium battery 2000mAh triple protection HSB 4.2V 2.7V   Features Brand: TeKone Vendor code: 57370 EAN code: 8054314573707 Battery type: 18650 , Professional rechargeable lithium battery Amperage: 2000mAh Voltage from...
Supplier code57370
Power cable Euro plug - IEC-320-C7 3.0 m Black ND2320 Nedis
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Cavo di alimentazione Spina Euro - IEC-320-C7 3.0 m Nero
BrandNedis Supplier codePCGP11040BK30
6.35mm XLR Male to 3 Pin XLR-Male Stereo XLR Adapter ND4566 Nedis
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Adattatore XLR Stereo Maschio a 3 pin XLR-Maschio da 6,35mm
BrandNedis EAN5412810296255
Passive HD Video Balun for CVI / TVI / AHD / CVBS at 720p / 960p / 1080p / 3MP / 4MP / 5MP 400m Features Kit of two passive HD video balun units They allow the transmission of analog video via a coaxial network cable Balance balances / unbalances the video signal...
Supplier code5MP BALUN EAN6920200627002
Loudspeaker cable 2x 0.75 mm2 15.0 m Roll-up Transparent ND2190 Nedis
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Cavo per Altoparlante | 2x 0,75 mm2 | 15,0 m | Avvolgibile | Trasparente
BrandNedis Supplier codeCAGW0750TR150
LED lamp 18W 1690lm E27 Natural white Forever Light N225 Forever Light
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Lampada LED 18W 1690lm E27 Bianco naturale Forever Light
BrandForever Light Bulb connectionE27
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Professional test leads 1000V 20A Multimeter test leads with gold pin tips, 4mm banana plug, CAT III 1,000V 20A and protective caps , silicone wire with needle tip.   Electrical characteristics Voltage: 1000Volts Current: 20A Cable length:...
Desoldering braid 1.27mmx1.5m ND4595 ChemWik
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Desoldering braid 1.27mmx1.5m The CHEM-WIK is an advanced ultra-thin desoldering wick, which responds even faster than all other soldering iron wicks. Its weaving construction of thinner pure copper wires allows for better thermal conductivity, even at low temperatures. With the CHEM-WIK,...
BrandChemWik Supplier code5-5L
Stereo Audio Cable 3.5mm Male-2x RCA Male 10m ND4304 Nedis
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Cavo Audio Stereo Maschio da 3,5mm-2x RCA maschio 10m
BrandNedis EAN5412810280834
5TG9 413 Siemens buzzer EL763 Siemens
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Porta lampada a 2 campi 5TG9 413 Siemens
BrandSiemens Supplier code5TG9 413
1200mAh 4.2V rechargeable lithium battery charged WB655
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1200mAh 4.2V rechargeable lithium battery charged Brand: TeKone  Codice fornitore: 57371 EAN code: 8054314573714 Battery type: 14500, Professional lithium rechargeable battery Amperage: 1200mAh Charging voltage: 4.2V  Discharge voltage: 2.7V Battery...
Supplier code57371 EAN8054314573714
Capacitor 20.0uf / 450v + Aarde ND1285 Fixapart
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Capacitor 20.0uf / 450v + Aarde   Product Specifications Model Capacitor Capacity 20 uF Length 95mm Original product code 20.0uf/450v+Aarde Container diameter 40 mm...
BrandFixapart Supplier codeW1-11020N
RJ45 adapter with screw terminals 10611
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Adattatore RJ45 con morsetti a vite
Network cable Cat 7 S/FTP RJ45 male cable 2m ND7204 Nedis
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Network cable Cat 7 S/FTP RJ45 male cable 2m Double shielded patch cable for CAT7 installations, suitable for 10/100/1000/10000 megabit network environments. • CAT7 technology to support 10, 100, 1000 and 10000 Mb/s Ethernet • All copper conductor with superior transmission...
BrandNedis Supplier codeCCGP85420WT20
Electronic components 1 Kg 01064
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Electronic components, active and passive, connectors and spare parts, thousands of new components. 1kg
Coaxial cable 90dB IEC (coaxial) male-IEC (coaxial) male 5m ND4904 Nedis
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Cavo coassiale 90dB IEC (coassiale) maschio-IEC (coassiale) maschio 5m
BrandNedis EAN5412810281985
Ford ISO adapter cable 0.15m ND6342 Nedis
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Ford ISO Adapter Cable 0,15m Connect your car stereo with this Nedis ISO cable for Ford. Features  Suitable for Ford   Product specifications Usage Cars Anime  CCA  Template ISO Car Cables...
Stereo audio adapter | 2x RCA Female - 2x RCA Female | 10 pieces | Black ND3666 Nedis
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Adattatore audio stereo 2x Femmina RCA-2x Femmina RCA ORO
BrandNedis Supplier codeCAGP24952BKG
Integrated HD66100Fh - LCD display controller NOS101117
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Integrated HD66100FH -LCD display controller Package: FP-100B Interfaceable with HD-44780
2-way 5-2400MHz splitter with GT-SAT in-line F connectors MT293 GT-SAT
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2-way splitter 5-2400MHz with GT-SAT in-line F connectors TV + SAT die-cast dividers with F connectors (2-way divider GT-SAT) F series made of fully shielded die-casting F connectors aligned to ensure minimum dimensions, with low losses and excellent decoupling of the DC...
BrandGT-SAT Supplier codeGT-SP21
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