Smart Base con USB di Light Stax

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For generations building blocks have been loved by kids and those young at heart. By playing with building blocks,
creative potential can be built and developed in the truest sense of the word. With the launch of LIGHT STAX an entirely new universe of creative space awaits exploration.
All you need is a LIGHT STAX-base and the original LIGHT STAX building blocks: The first brick just has to be connected to the base element (USB and/or battery
driven) in order to light up the brick. After that a single nub connected to a lit up
brick suffices to pass on the light to the next brick. LIGHT STAX building blocks are 100% compatible with standard building blocks.
&bull: Including USB cable and 4 Functions
&bull: Permanent Lighting
&bull: Blinking, On/Off alternating
&bull: Dimming, Coming and going light
&bull: "Good Night“-Function, turnig off after 15 min.

EAN: 4260350560227

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