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Extender of the wireless universal cover N300 Tent

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Extender of the universal wireless cover N300 Tent

The A9 is an N300 universal wireless extender, specially designed to extend existing Wi-Fi coverage and improve signal strength.
With an extension button, a signal strength LED, is designed to be mounted on a wall and guarantees universal compatibility; for users there are no difficulties in increasing the effectiveness of the wireless network.
The A9 is the ideal choice to eliminate the discovered points of the WiFi network and optimize navigation.

Main features

• Speed ??of 300 802.11n Mbps.
• 2 * 3 dBi external antennas amplify the signal, extending WiFi coverage up to over 200?.
• The extension button allows you to easily increase WiFi coverage.
• The LED indicating the WiFi signal strength allows you to quickly choose the optimal position.
• Compatible with the main brands of wireless router stands ard 802.11ne WiFi DSL.
• Supports SSID concealment system
• EAN: 6932849427332

Signal strong and effective coverage

With 2 * 3dBi external antennas, the A9 can provide a strong signal and extend the existing WiFi coverage to over 200?.
In addition, by optimizing the software and hardware, the anti-interference capability has been greatly improved, so that the A9 can provide stable signals and ensure effective WiFi coverage.

Full coverage for large homes with many rooms

For large homes with many rooms, a single wireless router cannot create WiFi coverage perfect, and there are always areas without WiFi signal on the balconies, in a study, in the bathroom or elsewhere. But now it is easy to create WiFi coverage for the entire home by inserting an A9 in the right place, following the indications of the signaling LED (the LED should be green), thus increasing the signal strength in the whole inhabited space.

Full cover for multi-storey villa

The A9 can make WiFi signal extensions both horizontally and vertically. In villas, the load-bearing walls always cause serious WiFi signal losses which weaken the signal itself in another floor. By optimizing the software as well as the effectiveness of the hardware and the antenna, the ability to receive the signal vertically by the A9 is 30% better than other devices. This guarantees full Wi-Fi coverage of a multi-storey villa.

Extension button

Designed with an extension button, the A9 can immediately amplify the WiFi of the wireless router; simply press the WPS button on the wireless router once and, within two minutes, press the extension button. The connection is immediate and configuration couldn't be simpler.

LED indicator strong signal

Once connected to the current WiFi, it is easy to find the best location for the extension based on the LED indicator that indicates the WiFi signal strength, so that the A9 can provide the best coverage, with increased functionality.

Flawless coverage

When the customer moves, the device can automatically reconnect to a stronger WiFi signal without disconnecting, and therefore the customer can enjoy ultra-fast WiFi throughout the house.

Universal compatibility

< span style = "font-size: 14pt;"> With all brands of wireless devices to 802.11 n / g / n standards, the A9 works with almost all b / g / n wireless routers with WiFi DSL




Datasheet (A9V2.0_Datasheet.pdf, 3,590 Kb) [Download]

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