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Mobile camera lens kit | 3 in 1 | Macro, wide angle and Fish Eye | dockable

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3 in 1 lens for mobile phones or tablets for adding effects to the camera. It is included in a complete set, which includes a lens cover and a travel case.

⠀ ¢ Plug & Play
⠀ ¢ Scratch-resistant mobile phone hook, universal
⠀ ¢ Macro lens, wide angle and fish eye

& bull: Lens type: Macro / Wide angle / Fish eye
& bull: Wide angle lens diameter: 13 mm
& bull: Macro lens diameter: 9 mm
& bull: Fish eye lens diameter: 20 mm
& bull: Macro lens shot distance: 1.5 - 2.3 cm
& bull: Fish eye lens angle: 180Â °

EAN: 5412810268726



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