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Full HD1080P HDMI to VGA + Audio Video Converter WB325
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Full HD1080P HDMI to VGA + Audio Video Converter HDMI to VGA Video Converter is a high definition video converter that converts all digital HDMI signals to VGA analog including stereo audio output analog.  HDMI to VGA converter can easily connect to PS3, XBOX360, Blu-Ray DVD, HD...
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Rotatable HDMI Adapter with Bandridge Ethernet Provides 360 degree rotatable connection for LCD/LED TV. Product Specifications Connector A HDMI™ connector Packaging type Blister Plating Gold plated Color: Grey Female HDMI™ B connector HDMI™...
BrandBandridge Supplier codeBVP103
Availability: 26 pezzi
HDMI to VGA 1080p video adapter Features  Ability to connect your laptop, HD DVD, HD DV without VGA interface to projectors, displays, LCDs, TVs & amp; Older model monitors that only have VGA interface for big screen viewing. Convert the HDMI output port of the...
HDMI 1080p Ethernet Extender up to 30 meters WB2268
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HDMI 1080p Ethernet Extender up to 30 meters With this kit it is possible to carry a high definition hdmi signal (1080p) over a network cable up to a distance of 30 meters. This equipment transmits the HDMI signal through a single network cable (over Cat 5/6) up to 30 meters long. The...
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USB type C 3.1 to HDMI 4K 30Hz video adapter Simply plug the adapter into your device's USB-C port and then into your TV or projector. Please note that this product requires your device to support MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) functionality. Small and light, easy to use,...
D-Sub Chassis Support | 9 Pin D-Sub Female | Metal ND1965 Nedis
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D-Sub Chassis Mount | D-Sub 9-Pin Female | Metal
BrandNedis EAN5412810283729
D-Sub Connector Cap Suitable for 9 Pin D-Sub ND4412 Nedis
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Cappuccio Connettore D-Sub Adatto per D-Sub a 9 Pin
BrandNedis Supplier codeCCGP52890BK
DVI-I 24 + 5-Pin Male VGA Female 15p video adapter ND231 Nedis
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Video Adapter DVI-I 24 + 5-Pin Male VGA Female 15p Thanks to this adapter you can use the DVI-I connection of your device with a VGA connection.     Product specification Material PVC Connection design Straight Connector A...
BrandNedis Supplier codeCCGP32900BK
9 Pin Male to RJ45 (8P8C) Female D-suB Series Adapter ND4874 Valueline
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Adattore di Serie D-suB A 9 Pin Maschio-RJ45 (8P8C) Femmina
BrandValueline EAN5412810072088
HDMI to SCART audio / video converter L024
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Audio / video converter from HDMI to SCART  Features EAN code: 5999120901968  Vendor code: holm0331 Can convert HDMI video and audio signal to SCART video signal. No Need to Install Driver, Powered by USB Cable (USB Cable is Included), LED...
HDMI female to HDMI female adapter ND4940 Nedis
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Adattatore HDMI femmina-HDMI femmina
BrandNedis Supplier codeCVGP34900BK
Adattatore VGA gender changer 01200
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VGA gender changer adapter Mini metal adapter VGA HD15 female HD15 female  
Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter WB1132
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Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter INCREASE FUNCTIONALITY  DEVICES - The mini DP to HDMI cable allows you to connect a device with an HDMI connector (e.g. monitor, TV, projector) with a device equipped with a mini DisplayPort port (e.g. from Apple devices). This way you can transfer an...
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HDMI adapter - USB 3.1 type C    Features  Connector A: USB 3.1 type C Connector B: HDMI female Color: silver and white Transmission speed up to 10Gbs Compatible 4K  
HDMI / 3.5mm audio jack to VGA adapter WB886
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HDMI / Jack 3.5mm to VGA adapter High quality HDMI female to VGA male converter with audio adapter Signal output support 1080P   Features Video input: HDMI female Audio input: JAck 3.5mm audio Video output: VGA Audio jack...
Video converter from SDI BNC to HDMI SDI / HD-SDI / 3G-SDI 1080P adapter WB1660
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Video converter from SDI BNC to HDMI SDI / HD-SDI / 3G-SDI 1080P adapter The MINI SDI converter allows HD-SDI and 3G-SDI signals to be displayed on the HDMI display, while ensuring high bit rates of 2,970 Gbit / s to give you fast signal transmission without any loss....
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Adattatore HDMI Connettore HDMI HDMI femmina Con angolo a 270° Nero
BrandNedis Supplier codeCVGP34902BK
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Hdmi female to male DVI adapter   SPECIFICATIONS Size  4,5x4x1,5cm Weight 35g   Adapter with support, DVI connector that you can screw and so it did not fall off....
4K Sn Record HDMI USB3.0 1080P 60FPS Video Capture Card WB1380
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Video capture card 4K Sn Record HDMI USB3.0 1080P 60FPS   Features HD 1080p quality: Capture resolution up to 1080p for video source and is ideal for all HDMI devices such as PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, DVD, DSLR, camera, security camera...
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