433MHz 2 channel receiver with 2 remote controls

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433MHz 2 channel receiver with 2 remote controls

This 2-channel 433MHz receiver kit with 2 remote controls is the perfect solution for those looking for a reliable, secure and easy to install remote control system. Simplify your daily life and increase the safety and efficiency of your electronic devices with this handy remote control kit.

The 2-channel 433MHz receiver with 2 remote controls is a versatile and reliable device designed for remote control of a wide range of electronic equipment. Ideal for use in domestic, industrial and automation applications, this kit offers safe and convenient remote control.

Main features

  • Operating Frequency: 433MHz, ensuring long range and excellent signal penetration even through walls and obstacles.
  • Remote Controls Included: The kit includes two compact and lightweight remote controls, each with ergonomic buttons for easy and intuitive use.
  • Universal Compatibility: Can be used to control a wide range of equipment, including electric gates, garage doors, alarm systems, lights and other electronic devices.
  • Simple Installation: The receiver can be easily connected to existing devices thanks to the quick connection terminals and detailed instructions included in the kit.
  • Advanced Security: Equipped with a high-security encryption system to prevent interference and unauthorized access.
  • LED indicator: For easy verification of the operating status of the remote controls.

Technical specifications

  • Receiver power supply: 12V
  • Transmission Distance: Up to 100 meters in optimal conditions
  • Operating Temperature: -40 / +80°C
  • Receiver Dimensions: Compact for easy integration into different systems


  • Automation of gates and garage doors
  • Remote control of lights and lighting
  • Activation/deactivation of alarm systems
  • Management of various electronic devices in domestic or industrial environments

Package Contents

  • 1 x 2-Channel 433MHz Receiver
  • 2 x Remote Controls
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


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